You and I know very well that women were never created to drink. How, how, how, how can a woman on this gracious earth want a shot? Its like a child draining shit from the milk bottle. I understand that life has become a bit more unbearable. As much as we are trying to make life a bit more interesting, women should never go for the bottle.

We have all encountered women who are BFF with the liqour. Surprisingly, the number of women who drink out number those who don’t drink. When I say women am not talking about old mama’s, neither am I talkin about little school going kids called girls. I refuse to call them ladies, because they behave worse than gay men. Allow me to call them masheitan for lack of a better word.

A sheitan is a sheitan whether they drink heavily or not. It doesn’t bring any difference claiming that you drink alone or with friend. It’s worse off, if you do it in public, where teammafisi are watching waiting for the slightest opportunity to pounce. Woe to those who do it secret, they ought to be blocked with a stone. Whatever is in the dark will surely come to light.

How can a woman sentence his husband to a life of misery by drinking like a fish? The husband recieves a call late in the night, that her wife has been spotted somewhere on the roadside, so he rushes out to pick her. He finds that teammafisi have already passed through her. He takes her home, cleans her shit and feeds her. She still goes out the next day, a real sheitan!

It does not matter whether I drink or not. Women should not drink. If they are found drinking or drunk, they should be given community work for not less than one week, yes to unblock all the sewers in nairobi especially during these heavy rains. I am talking about women between the age of 15 to 30 no matter how unattractive they are.

Tommorow its friday. If you spot a sheitan drinking, do not hesitate to shout their name in public- SHEITAN WEWE! On a serious note, women ought not to drink. If men can drink and behave bad, how will women behave??

1. Women are known to conceal lots of things. If they get drunk and let loose, hell will break lose, trust me.

2. Men drink, women want to drink. Who will help the other out if blackout has occured? I know roles are changed, but this is a role we (men) will protest with our birthsuits the whole country.

3. The body of women is so special that they shouldn’t dare abuse any drug. They hold the key to the next healthy generation.

Together we can stop u SHEITAN…..


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